Welcome to my Etsy shop...

After many years of running my own dedicated website I have decided to consolidate it and use Etsy instead. Here you will find a selection of recent carvings which are available to browse or purchase if desired, if you see something you like and would like to enquire about the possibility of having a similar item carved from an alternative timber please get in touch and I'll see what I can do. Please remember I work alone and carve each piece individually, my stock of timber is limited and constantly evolving so depending on the request there might be a long delay before the item is finished.

My carvings are also available through a number of selected contemporary art galleries which are located predominantly in the UK, if you would like information regarding your nearest outlet please let me know and I'll send details.

When creating the little pieces I inevitably end up with occasional 'seconds', pieces that have natural 'imperfections' in the wood such as small cracks or knots which are uncovered during carving, these items are now included in my 'Chutes de Bois' series and are priced accordingly.

I do hope you enjoy looking at the items I have carved, working with this material means no two pieces are ever the same to carve and I never lose enthusiasm to get started on a new piece of wood in order to discover exactly what is hiding inside...


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